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Thursday, July 28, 2011

We are to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.

The Apocalypse is written from beginning to end of the history of the world by God Himself. It includes all the ages of the world. It also includes all people that have ever existed or will ever exist. God and His Christ are the only Judge of all people. We aren't. We are to love God with our whole heart and soul and depth of being and our neighbor as ourselves.

See here for the
Book of the Apocalypse.

A brief explanation of the ages.

There are covenants and ages (biblical days), which by God's providence, all point to and are summed up in the pre-existent covenant of salvation given in Christ Himself on His Most Holy Cross. See here for a summation:

Seven Ages:

St. Isidore -- The First and Second ages of the World

St. Isidore -- The Third Age of the World and The Fourth Age of the World

St. Isidore -- The Fifth Age of the World and Sixth Age until St. John

St. Isidore -- The Sixth age of the World until St. Ambrose

St. Isidore -- The Sixth Age of the World until 616 A.D.

The Church Fathers, especially including St. Irenaeus (180 A.D.) and St. Augustine (d. 430 A.D.), and the Old Testament prophets, especially St. Ezekiel, by God's grace, saw the ages of the world in a literal and mystical sense at the exact same time. The following is a summation of what they taught. St. Isadore of Seville (d. 636 A.D.), above, based all of what he wrote about the ages of the world on what the Church Father's before him had taught. St. Isadore is the last of the Church Fathers in the West (Doctors of the Church are a different and mostly later grouping).

Jesus Christ our only Lord and Saviour in your true Gospel alone Holy God, the only author of covenant of salvation, of:

Adam’s covenant shown forth by the face seen by Ezechiel of a lion prefiguring the Gospel of John showing forth the royal power and authority of Christ the Immortal Son Word Wisdom and Power of God through whom God the Father by the Holy Spirit created all of creation Who became Incarnate for our redemption in the flesh as Adam had sinned in the flesh

Noah’s covenant shown forth by the face seen by Ezechiel of a calf prefiguring the Gospel of Luke showing forth the sacrifice of Christ who is our Holy Only Priest Victim Sacrifice Altar Temple Tabernacle Redeemer Salvation Immortal Immaculate Golden Ark of the covenant showing himself forth as the only begotten Redeemer in his Epiphany of fiery glory at his baptism in the Jordan

Abraham’s covenant shown forth by an Epiphany of the Lord and two angels prefiguring the Transfiguration of Christ with: Moses, a type of the faithful departed at the future resurrection, and Elijah, a type of the faithful living at the future resurrection, Christ condemning for all time the darkness of idolatry which has no communion with light - the grace of the Gospel of Christ

Moses’ covenant shown forth by the face seen by Ezechiel of a man prefiguring the Gospel of Matthew showing forth the God - man prophet, the Christ, who Moses and David and Isaiah and Habakkuk and Ezra foretold Israel would either heed or be destroyed by rejecting, he who is our only Lord and Saviour by his most Holy Cross by which he tread down Satan and cast him out of creation

David’s covenant shown forth by the gift of prophecy, especially of the resurrection of Christ

Daniel’s covenant shown forth by his vision of the ancient of days prefiguring the Gospel of Christ especially his Ascension

Christ Jesus Immortal Son most Holy Angel of Almighty Counsel, Captain of the hosts of the Lord, the giver of all covenants with God shown forth by his promise of the keys of Himself the Messiah to Peter and to all who believe in Him - Christ Jesus our only Lord and Saviour, the final covenant shown forth by the face seen by Ezechiel of an eagle and through him to the Father does all glory redound in the unity and power of the Holy Spirit, he given at Pentecost, especially proclaimed by the Gospel of Mark of the preaching of the salvation of Christ Jesus throughout the world, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour who descended from the third heaven from the Father's right hand and became flesh by the Holy Spirit, the immaculate conception and was truly born of the blessed virgin Mary on earth, 70 generations from Adam and your creation of all of creation, thus subsuming flesh of Adam and of all men to yourself to restore your Image and Likeness to all the saints from the first Adam to the last saint, by you Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, the only Immaculate Lamb of God who alone takes away the sin of the whole world of those who are saved, by your most Holy Cross and Holy Blood, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour and Holy Spirit of the Father and the Son Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, covering the whole earth and cleansing the whole universe, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, the only first born from the dead in the flesh, the only one resurrected, ascended, assumed bodily in the flesh, seated at the right hand of God, Baruch Adonai Yahweh El Olam eth Abba Our Father in the third heaven in the unity and power of the Holy Spirit our Paraclete

Holy Holy Holy Lord God Pantocrator

and Who, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, shall return from the Father’s right hand in the same flesh with all the elect angels and raise, first, the saints in the flesh, our same spirits souls and bodies reunited and then all other men in the flesh, their same souls and bodies reunited, from throughout the whole world and all of time from the beginning of your creation until that time - known to you alone Holy Immortal undivided trinity, in the future at your Parousia Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, your saints to inherit paradise recreated then with all the elect angels worshipping you face to face in the glory of the Father and the union of the Holy Spirit unto the endless ages of ages - and the rest to be cast into the lake of fire forevermore unto the same endless ages of ages to come.

A Mystical prayer based on the Catholic Old Testament book of Wisdom.

Baruch Adonai Yahweh Elohim eth He Creator and Artificer of all our only

He Spirit absolute intelligence Holy unique

manifold subtle agile

clear unstained certain

not baneful loving the good keen

unhampered beneficent kindly

firm secure tranquil

all-powerful all-seeing and pervading all spirits though they be intelligent pure
and very subtle seven holy elect blessed orders

of mighty Doxas holy Seraphim, Cherubim, Kuriotetes, Arches especially Saint
Michael and Saint Gabriel holy Archangelos

Exousias, Dunameis, Angelos

uncreated Wisdom mobile beyond all motion He penetrates and pervades all things by reason of His purity for He is an aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the Glory of the Almighty therefore nought that is sullied enters into Him for

He is the refulgence of eternal light the

spotless mirror of the energy of God the image of his goodness he who is one can

do all things and renews everything while Himself perduing by His breath

passing into holy souls from

age to age he produces friends of God and prophets for there is not God loves be

it not one who dwells with wisdom for he is fairer than the sun and surpasses

every constellation of the stars compared to light he takes precedence for that

indeed night might supplant but wickedness prevails not over wisdom

indeed he reaches from end to end mightily and governs all

things well.

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